Grass-fed and Grain-finished Beef

The Wakanui story begins on pristine, New Zealand pastures and ends on your plate with unrivalled succulence, flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

After grazing free range on lush, green pastures for 18 months, only the best cattle are hand selected to be grain finished for approximately 75 days at Five Star Beef, under wide Wakanui skies, refreshed by breezes straight off the Pacific Ocean.

With a crystal clear artesian water supply and Mid Canterbury grown GMO-free wheat, barley and maize silage, this unique combination of nature and nurture creates truly premium beef.

Aged for a minimum of 21 days, Wakanui's unparallelled flavour, distinctive marbling and fine texture will delight your palate.
What's more, we've mastered the ability to deliver this mouth watering beef consistently all year round.

For details on Five Star Beef animal welfare and environment please click here.


What makes Wakanui so special?
Who makes Wakanui so special?

There will always be imitations, but there’s only one Wakanui