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Our Expert Team

Our premium beef requires that we assemble a team of the very best people...
let’s meet some of them...

David Hay & David Rollinson

Jamie Gordon & Lou Bentley

david hay
David Hay...

This is the farmer
who nurtures the cattle...

David Hay purchased his sixth generation Pigeon Bay farm on picturesque Banks Peninsula when he was only 22 years old, and he’s never regretted it. The superbly contoured farm enjoys a temperate climate and a wonderful balance of summer/winter country.

With an enviable reputation as one of Wakanui’s leading beef suppliers, David knows just what’s involved in growing superior beef. His cattle are born and bred on Banks Peninsula, understand the terrain and appreciate the peace and tranquility of their surroundings.

David recognises that farming needs to be economically viable and is committed to sustainable farming practices that will support the land for future generations. But listening to David, you know that it goes further than that. As David comments: “I love cattle. They’re very responsive animals - they’re fascinated by humans and they respond to the human voice and changes in pitch and tone.”

And as you watch David’s cattle amble through lushly growing grass, down to a secluded beach, you know that farming doesn’t get much better than this.

david robinson
David Rollinson...

This is the farmer who grows
the grain that feeds the cattle...

David Rollinson joined his father on their Mid Canterbury Pendarves’ farm when he left school, and he’s never wanted to leave the farming life.

As one of Mid Canterbury’s best grain growers, for over 20 years David’s been producing award-winning wheat, barley and maize silage that supply and nourish Wakanui cattle with vital nutrients. The satisfaction gained from growing top quality, GMO-free grain year after year is almost an art form for David, despite the time it takes. There’s no doubting that the hours are long, but as David says, “The rewards are great, and, I just like work”.

David shares a great relationship with the Wakanui team. “It’s a rare thing these days to be able to trust a man’s word - and that’s one of the main reasons that I value the relationship I have with them.”

Jamie Gordon

Jamie Gordon...

This is the manager who tends
to the cattle that eat the grain...

In a world where everyone’s taking shortcuts to imitate genuine NZ grown produce, it’s refreshing to discover a team led by a man determined to deliver authentic, consistent and exceptional beef to his customers.

Jamie Gordon, General Manager of Five Star Beef and proud ambassador of the Wakanui brand:
“We’ve mastered the secret of producing a regular supply of high quality, extra marbled beef with a distinctive, tender, smooth and creamy flavour. We hand select the very best cattle that have been grazed free range, then we nurture them with a nutritionally balanced diet of Mid Canterbury grain, grown by our local farmers, free from growth hormones. Finally, we tend our cattle to ensure that their comfort is paramount, that their stress levels are minimal, and that their feed is free from hormones or antibiotics.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to supplying our export and domestic markets with premium quality beef. Look at the animals for yourself and listen to the feedback from our customers about the consistency and quality of Wakanui, and it confirms that we’re doing things right!”

lou bentley
Lou Bentley,

Akaroa Cooking School...
This is the chef who uses the beef...

Why would one of the country’s emerging chefs choose to use Wakanui Beef exclusively in her cooking school?

Lou Bentley : “I’m always a little wary about promoting products but, Wakanui tastes really, really good. And in an industry where the consumer expects ethical food choices on a menu, I really like the Wakanui story - it’s a perfect free range, grain finished combination. Plus, as a chef, but also as a wife and mother, traceability and animal health are critical factors in my product choice. In my experience, ‘Happy meat definitely tastes better’ and Wakanui is simply the best beef that I’ve ever tasted!”

According to Lou, Wakanui Beef is unique:
“You could do anything with it and it would still taste great. The mark of this truly succulent, export quality product is that it stands on its own: you don’t need to disguise it in elaborate marinades. Wakanui is quite simply so moreish, you find yourself wanting to eat more.”

These are the people who nurtured the land...
who grew the grain... who fed the cattle... who finished the beef... for you to enjoy.
There will always be imitations, but there’s only one Wakanui